Monday, January 2, 2012

I needs to work out, Y'all...& the greatness that is MyFitnessPal

So two summers ago I really got into losing weight. For me, like many people, the idea of trying losing weight just plain sucks. (It sure is fun and easy to gain the weight though!) For me it's the getting started part. Once I get into a routine and start seeing results I'm all in and super pumped about continuing to see results. Two summers ago I was looking for a weight loss tracking program that would track my calorie intake and my exercise...but for free. I ended up finding MyFitnessPal ( LOVE. IT. It is free (yay) and it is awesome. It has a database full of food items that makes it easy for you to track what you're eating, and you can also add items if what you're looking for isn't there already. When you sign up you input your stats and it calculates how many calories you should stick to and also protein, carbs, and a other important information, etc. It's also very cool because when you input any exercise you do it will calculate the number of calories burned, apply that to your daily calorie bank, and then you get bonus caloriess for being good (YAY). This program helped me because it kept me in line. I was excited to put in my exercise every day to see how many calories I had burned. What exercise did I do, you ask? I walked. I walked my ass off...literally. The combination of eating right (yogurt with bran cereal for breakfast and tuna fish for lunch every day for the most part. PROTEIN.), walking three to five miles 5-6 days a week, and using MyFitnessPal helped me lose around 25 pounds. Then I got all hot to trot and tried to amp it up by doing an additional dvd workout program and killed my knees....which led to me falling off the workout/weightloss wagon. Plus winter hit. Minnesota winter. No way was I walking in Minnesota winter. Since then I've been lazy and not a very good girl. I've put back on some weight, but nothing like where I started.

My plan for tomorrow is to get back onto the weightloss/exercise/healthy girl kick and really do my best to stick to it. Not only does it make me feel better, but I know that it will help when we get going with our next round.  So it's back to healthy eating and using MyFitnessPal. I've done good the past two days (I find it helpful to celebrate each day of being good) even though I devoured my french fries at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight. BUT I had their naked chicken strips and they were so stinkin' good! Plus they were without breading and were grilled so they were good for me at only 43 calories a pieces according to MFP! In addition to eating a more healthy diet, I plan on getting into a regular exercise routine (boo YAY!) A couple of months ago I started the C25K program ( and got to week four, I believe. Then we moved and I let it go. So I'll hopefully be restarting that tomorrow...though it's only 17 degrees right now and running or doing anything outside in weather this freakin' cold doesn't sound maybe the C25K part of the plan will start in a few days when it warms up some.

Anyway, if you haven't heard of MyFitnessPal and are looking for an awesome and free weightloss helper-outter, I recommend you check it out! =) I


mollyjotx said...

Oooo! Thanks for the tips on the exercise front... and sorry about your knees.

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