Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Story: Part Two

Happy January 1st, 2012! Here's hoping that 2012 is full of blessings and good health for us all! My first post left off with us moving to the Chicago area. This post will bring my story up-to-date...

Since we've moved and gotten settled I have met with our new infertility specialist once for a preliminary "get to know each other" meeting. I liked her immediately. She seems to be very thorough and to the point, but friendly and patient at the same time. We spent a good amount of time talking and going over my history. I feel very optimistic about my future with this doctor and look forward to working with her. So what's going on now? As soon as my next period starts there are a few tests my doctor wants to conduct to determine where exactly I am and what my body is doing on its own. My husband also has to have a semen analysis to see how things are looking on that end. I hope and pray that his numbers have improved since he quit smoking. According to my doctor it takes several months for sperm production to improve after a man has quit smoking so hopefully it has been long enough since Steven quit smoking for improvement to have taken place. If his numbers are still low enough for concern he will need to see a urologist to make sure there are no underlying issues that need to be addressed. Depending on her determination of how the two of us are looking she will decide if we can proceed with the treatment for an IUI or if IVF is necessary. Because things went so well with the first round in regards to how my body responded to the medication and because Steven is no longer smoking, I am confident that we will receive the good news that we will be able to proceed with the treatment for an IUI.

For now we wait until my next period starts. Steven will be having his numbers checked over the next week and we will keep our fingers crossed that we will hear positive news on that front. In the meantime I’ve decided that it’s time to get down to business with getting my body ready for whatever treatment we will undergo. While going through our first round of treatment I stuck to specific food and exercise guidelines that were provided by my doctor.  It’s time to get back in gear so that I can help the situation the best I can so that we can have good results with our second round of treatment. I have been doing some research on foods that are supposed to boost fertility and those that should be avoided. I think that my next post will focus on that information. Take care and thank you for reading!


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