Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What sucked? An SIS sucked...and other news

First off let me say that whoever said that the saline sonogram was “better” than a dye test, they are carazy, or cray cray as my friend, Kyle, would say. I think what is “better” about a saline sono is that it is over much quicker than a dye test. I was done in under ten minutes, whereas the dye test that was done several years back took about twenty minutes, if I remember correctly. BUT even though it’s faster,  the pain and discomfort, it’s like they make sure pack it in to that shorter period of time. I don’t like complaining or indicating that I am in pain or discomfort during procedures like this because I figure that there will (hopefully) be much greater pain in store for me with this whole thing…say, labor. But I confess that I did squeak a few times. Anyway, to sum it up: Better because it’s shorter. Worse because the pain is worse…at least for me it was. I guess the discomfort comes from the fact that they are using a catheter to pump saline into your uterus and tubes to check things out. Cool, huh? HAHA. If I were to describe it I would say that it was like really intense cramping plus feeling like you had to pee really bad.  A word of advice, by the way: Don’t wear skinny jeans the day of this procedure. Just don't.

Results were good though. There were no abnormalities or blockages in my uterus or tubes (yay), though my doctor said that because my body hasn’t been producing estrogen on its own all this time that my uterus could use a little tweaking. I’m to take estrogen pills for thirty days then follow up with Provera for the following ten days. The estrogen will help to expand my uterus and better prime it for pregnancy, and the Provera will initiate a period. At that point I’ll go back in and she’ll determine if she wants me on estrogen for another month. I’m going to stop here and voice my thoughts. On one hand I feel very appreciative that my doctor is being so thorough. I’m really hoping that this will better help her to hone in on a path for us when we do get started with treatment. On the other hand, every time I hear that we’ll be doing something for 30 days I want to scream because that’s ANOTHER month gone by. It’s just me being ready to get this party started. I understand that she has to cover her bases and that this is all necessary. So, that being said, hopefully my uterus will be in better shape in 30 days so we don’t have to wait even longer. But maybe that will be okay, which leads me to my next bit of an update….

So we went to see a urologist Monday afternoon. He was very frank and to the point, which Steven and I both appreciated. We talked about what was going on, described Steven’s lifestyle, and he had a quick examination. Here’s what the urologist is thinking: He is concerned with the volume of the sample that Steven had analyzed by my doctor, so he thinks there might be a blockage of some sort. There was also blood in Steven’s urine sample and he says that might have something to do with his low numbers. So the next step is for Steven to have another semen analysis, an u/s on his prostate (fun), and to have his bladder checked out. All this will be done next Thursday, and hopefully whatever they find will be easily fixable and will lead to better numbers for Steven. The urologist didn’t seem overly alarmed by what he thinks might be going on, otherwise I would think that he wouldn’t wait a week and a half for Steven to be checked out.

Sooooo….more waiting. But the good thing is that we will find out what’s going on with the hubs and he will be on the mend soon. What we’re hoping for is something that is easily fixable and will up his numbers. My doctor told me that if his numbers stay low then they can still work with where he’s at…but that we’ll have to go with IVF. This is not the best news. So for now I will continue to be optimistic and be grateful that my husband is going to be taken care of even if it does not guarantee that his numbers will improve. If that’s the case then we’ll deal with that news when we receive it.  Above anything else, his health is what is more important. And on that note, I’m going to end this post and go try to figure out what the hell my neighbor is cooking. Something that smells pretty bad is seeping through the hallway and under our door. And I’m not liking it, not one stinkin’ (heehee) bit.


mollyjotx said...

Why is IVF worse? Short answer, please?

Lindsay said...

Money, honey! From what I understand, according to the nurse, we'll pay for the medication (thousands) and then pay around $10K and up for the IVF procedure itself. It's a lot more intense of a process (I haven't researched it quite like I need post, perhaps). And there's still no guarantee. It just isn't the preferred route.

Lisa said...

Thats scary he had blood in his urine. Glad y'all found that! Hopefully, everything will turn out ok within the next month ;)

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